How can I do it?


This was the big question , probably because it involves so many issues.

Considering I am a single man , I took a long time to think whether it was the right decision to raise a kid by myself. I started reading about the implications of being a single dad and I found  lots of studies, lots of information , lots of debates, but who knows the answer?

The main issue was clear to me , parenting is different for everybody. Is not a matter of your marital status or your sexuality , is a matter of how much love and effort you invest in it. Being aware and preparing yourself for parenting is wise , but I believe one learns along the way.

Kids don’t come to the world with an instructions manual so a parent learns every second, maybe the clue is how much do we want to learn and how important is for us to learn.

So , I started looking for more information about the available methods for having a baby and I decided that Gestational Surrogacy was the way to go.

There are several countries around the world where surrogacy is legal, but in most countries there is a legal “void”.

The countries I researched were: USA, Cyprus and India.

There are several clinics that will offer a full service, the next step was to look for the right clinic that would fit my requirements.

I lost count of how many e-mails I sent asking for information and feedback about each clinics policies about single parents , payments , legal aspects , success rate , etc. The information I was receiving was totally overwhelming so I decided to go with the experts. I signed up for  a group in Yahoo ( Gaydads), that only deals with parenting issues. I posted a message and it was incredible how many replies I received.

One of the replies I got was from Glenn and Per from Sweden, they went through with surrogacy and they were about to pick up their baby in two weeks. I have to give special thanx to them because they gave me the information about Dr. Shivani ( links are available at the blog).

I contacted them and form the begging I had all the information I needed , the staff was amazing ( thanx Margarida you are still my favorite!!). Since the first time I contacted them , everything started flying really fast. By the time I realized i was on a flight to Delhi……

Lots of thing involved in the middle…. tell u more in the next post 🙂

About ecaiozzi

I am Enzo , born and raised in Quito - Ecuador ( South America). When I was 16 the adventure of my life started when thanx to the support of my parents I left to ^Prince Edward Island, Canada. Stayed there for a year with the Wilsons ( You are always in my mind) and met some of the most special people in the world ( Yes Syl it is you ). After the exchange program was over I decided to stay in Canada so I moved to Toronto and started studying biotechnology research applied to genetics . Was never good at school but I sure made it very well through college. Came back to Ecuador in 2004 and started working at a family business oriented to the manufacture of chemical products , cosmetics and a manufacturer of different product for international corporations. I have been working there since then in the production department and also in the HQSE (Health, Quality, Safety and Environment) department. Around june 2010 , something started growing inside so by August I was sure I wanted to become a parent. Since then , I have been through he most amazing journey that I am trying to share with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have, and most important of all I hope that other intending parents can realize that there are ways to make your dreams come true. All you need is love , determination and lots of information and support. Hopefully this blog will make a little change in someone's life , small changes are sometimes the most important ones. I heard this quote on a TV program ( not the best source for a quote) , and for sure it describes the way I want to feel: " Adapt or die. As many times as we've heard it, the lesson doesn't get easier. The problem is we're human. We want more than just to survive. We want love. We want success. We want to be the best that we can be. So, we fight like hell to get those things. Anything else feels like death." Thanx for reading...

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  1. OMG!! are you on your way to Delhi already??? wow!!!good choice you have made in SCI. trust me. goodluck, i bet you are anxious or excited??? just chill and its not a bad process at all. its all good

    • I went there and I am back.
      I will post the info this week so that everyoine knows were we are at.
      I know SCI is a great Clinic , for sure I feel great about that desition.
      I have been very anxious but not anymore , it seem slike days go by and the exitment turns into other feelings…. stronger feelings. Thanx for you message. How do you know about SCI?

      • i got to know about SCI via the internet. i had about 4 clinics in mind but the response and professionalism from SCI was amazing. I am not a stranger to fertility clinics and surgeries , even outside UK where i live but it was the first fertility clinic i attended that i didnt have high blood pressure before going into surgery! that was sure a good sign for me. i had success my first time and we are presently pregnant and hoping all goes well. looking forward to your posts!

      • Thank you so much for the information Do you have a blog? I will love to know more about you and your story. Definetely SCI and its staff are awesome , i know I mad the rgth choice with them,
        How far is the pregnancy for you guys?? Please let me Know I am so exited!!!!

  2. Of course i am still your favourite 🙂
    Enzo, what a glorious, exciting journey you are on, i hope that you too, will be kept up with teething babies ( who still have no teeth!),

    • I was checking your blog, Max and Lily are growing so fast!!!
      We shpould make a post about having twins…. I admire you for that.
      Any ideas of how we can help intending parents in South America?

  3. Hey Ecaaiozzi, my blog is on SCIs and its called my african/indian surrogacy journey and hopefully in a few days we will be 3 months. oops! scary!!!

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