15500 kilometers away…


Yes, the approximate distance between Quito ( capital of Ecuador , where I live) and Delhi. I travelled all by myself and the itinerary was something like: Quito-Panama-New York-Delhi.
It took around 27 hours but it was so much fun !!!
I started getting a taste of Indian food at the flight from New York and Delhi , totally love spicy pickle.
I arrived at Indira Gandhi International Airport around 20:30 on August the 13th , Rahul was there to pick me up , he is such a great guy. Thank you very much for all your help and again , thank you Shilpi for getting everything organized, it worked out just perfect. Indira Gandhi airport is very nice , specially this art expression:

I really liked this so i did a little research. Here is an interview with the company that designed and manufactured the mudras represented in Terminal 3 of Indira Gandhi’s International Airport :http://buddhistartnews.wordpress.com/2010/08/22/qa-delhi-airport%E2%80%99s-%E2%80%98hands%E2%80%99-sculpture/

Of course I started making 1000 questions about India and about the Clinic to Rahul , poor guy for sure was overwhelmed and wanted to kick me out of the car after the first 3 kilometers ( by the way I was very surprised that in India people drive on the right side…. a bit awkward). Weather was lovely, a bit humid but nice and warm.

He drove me to the Glitter Hotel (http://www.agoda.com/asia/india/new_delhi_and_ncr/hotel_glitter.html) , the staff  was very helpful and the accommodations very comfortable and clean. The thing that I like about this Hotel is that is very close tot he SCI Clinic and also to metro station , M- Block Market and other fun stuff. In Delhi location is very important because is a huge city.

My biological clock was all wrong , so it was around 23:00 and I felt like if it was time for me to wake up. I guess I must have been tired from the flight because I slept like a baby until 9:00 next day. Hunger , as usual was part of me so I ordered an indian breakfast that was very tasty, a bit weird to eat it with pickle , but loved it anyway, here is a pick:

On the next post the first day “out and about” in Delhi… Thanx for reading.

About ecaiozzi

I am Enzo , born and raised in Quito - Ecuador ( South America). When I was 16 the adventure of my life started when thanx to the support of my parents I left to ^Prince Edward Island, Canada. Stayed there for a year with the Wilsons ( You are always in my mind) and met some of the most special people in the world ( Yes Syl it is you ). After the exchange program was over I decided to stay in Canada so I moved to Toronto and started studying biotechnology research applied to genetics . Was never good at school but I sure made it very well through college. Came back to Ecuador in 2004 and started working at a family business oriented to the manufacture of chemical products , cosmetics and a manufacturer of different product for international corporations. I have been working there since then in the production department and also in the HQSE (Health, Quality, Safety and Environment) department. Around june 2010 , something started growing inside so by August I was sure I wanted to become a parent. Since then , I have been through he most amazing journey that I am trying to share with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have, and most important of all I hope that other intending parents can realize that there are ways to make your dreams come true. All you need is love , determination and lots of information and support. Hopefully this blog will make a little change in someone's life , small changes are sometimes the most important ones. I heard this quote on a TV program ( not the best source for a quote) , and for sure it describes the way I want to feel: " Adapt or die. As many times as we've heard it, the lesson doesn't get easier. The problem is we're human. We want more than just to survive. We want love. We want success. We want to be the best that we can be. So, we fight like hell to get those things. Anything else feels like death." Thanx for reading...

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  1. Hey enzo, went to India on my own too and my partner joined me 8 days or so later and honestly, i did not feel out of place and being an african it was still too hot for me because i had not been to my country in 10 years before i made the trip to Delhi. I am from West Africa so i didnt really get a culture shock and the people??? AWESOME!! i enjoyed so much attention but ggo ones but the injections got me really grumpy so i didnt do much of sight seeing( i regret this) But i hope everything goes well so that i can be back in 6months or so. am soooo excited and scared!!! But i am confident my SM is having the best care. She has not suffred from morning sickness and in all the pregnancies i had, i did not suffer from morning sickness so i think the pregnancy hormone will depend on the biological parents? who knows???

  2. Ok , I have the complete picture now. I am so happy for you guys, after week 12 comes then i think you can relax a bit. India is a great country , I was very lucky to have someone ( thanx Chapal 🙂 ) telling me the best things to see in Delhi. I really want to go back soon and get to go to new places . I dont know if it happened for you , but for me the pople there was so lovely and nice all the time. I will check your blog and paste the link on mine ok? I hope everythign keeps going well… dont loose hope please, you are almost there!

    • Thank you very much Edward. I will continue to post more info everyday.
      Are you familiar with surrogacy?
      Your wishes are very much welcomed and needed!
      Than you.

      • Hi. We are VERY familiar with surrogacy. I have (3) 14-month old girls born with Dr. Shivani’s able assistance! You can read our experience at our blog if you’d like – http://www.faithtovishwas.blogspot.com

        We are also very fond of Rahul – he is a legend. Please send him regards from Edward and Granny! He’ll know us….

        Enjoy every single moment to come…you are guaranteed the adventure of a lifetime!

      • Dear Edward and Paul , I am in love with your 3 girls! They are so cute.
        I totally admire you guys for being parents to 3 babys at the same time, for sure you have lots of parenting skills… pass on some please!
        Your blog is amazing , thanx for sharing with the rest of us.
        Good luck witht he next 7000 diapers hahaha.

  3. Dear Enzo, I am excited to be catching up on our journey. I too fell in love with Delhi (and Rahul and SCI and Dr. S and EVERYONE) and miss it dearly. We are looking forward to returning in the spring! I look forward to following your journey! All the best, Bernadette

    • Dear Bernadette , thank you very much for your message. I was reading your blong and i am truly sorry that lately it hasnt being so easy for you guys.
      What is the plan for now on?
      It is amayzing how this journey can twist when you least epect it , but for sure is good to know that there are other of us trying to reach the same goal , goign after the same dream.
      We are a tiny comunity of people challenging so many things, so many barriers , so if we stick together then for sure everything seems easier.
      Keep true to your feeling and your reality , but try to never loose hope. Remember love is the strongest feeling , one that can change every single thing in the world. xoxo

  4. Glad you had a good flight over. Rahul is really nice and he is used to all the questions, I asked about a million. He also likes asking about our culture and home towns. Ask him to take you for an elephant ride and to see the monkeys if you have time. They are all very close by and so much fun. There are some funny pics on my blog of monkeys, elephants and cobras!!! Enjoy your adventure, India is so much fun!!!!

    • Bec , loved your comment!! Actyally I didnt thought about doing the monkey and elephant thing… but now I have so much curiosity!!
      Maybe soon you will read a post with a pic of me and my little angel ridding an elephant across India!!
      Really liked the pics of your blog. I dont know if you feel the same but is very liberating to share all this with the world.
      How is everything going with you guys?

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