What happens until conception is achieved?


August 15/2011:
Today I had my first appointment at the SCI Clinic.

It was raining cats and dogs out , I have never seen rain coming down so hard and in so much quantity. Thankfully Dr. Shivani sent her driver to pick me up.

The Clinic is very nice , modern and comfy. First I walked in and they took me took to the waiting lounge.

A few minutes later a very kind guy entered and offered me a bottle of water , then a few minutes later Shilpi arrived , she is extremely beautiful and tiny!!!

Here in Ecuador we say hello with a kiss and I didn’t realized that probably was not the right thing to do in India , that’s why she looked so surprised when I jumped to give her a kiss on her cheek ( sorry Shilpi!!!), anyways she was cool about it.

We where chatting for a bit and then I went to Dr. Shivanis office , I was totally amazed by how young and pretty she is!!! As soon as I met her I felt lots of trust. She walked me trough the main steps of the process and was kind enough to answer all my questions ( I should stop asking so much, Chapal you are right I talk more than enough).

By the end of our meeting I had already the dates for giving my samples ( actually one of them was like in 15 minutes hahaha) and the possible IVF date. My egg donor had produced 21 eggs so for sure we will have to freeze some embryos after the first fertilization is performed.

I went to the SCI Hospital wich is right behind the Clinic for my sample. No need to get into details…. but everything worked out just fine. ( by the way , there is no “visual aids” as help when one has to give the samples…. so , get working on your imagination!!).

I was extremely happy that actually everything was starting to move so I went to M-Block Market for a cheesecake and a coffee.

August 16/2011:

Early morning I received the result for my samples , thankfully everything is ok. Now in 2 more days I have to go back for a second sample.
I also received an e-mail from Arpana telling me that tomorrow I have to go in for an appointment with the Lawyer . They will send a copy of the agreement by e-mail tomorrow morning for me to go over before I go in for the appointment.

August 17/2011:

Today I decided to go shopping to some markets…. lets see what can we discover.

Chapal gave me another guide of places to visit!!!! I can’t wait to see them all.Thank you for that , and by the way… last nite coffee was awesome ( I will never forget the foam mustache , and also the fact that I was not brave enough to wipe it off with a kiss… please forgive me . We will have another chance).

For some reason after today I have the most weird feeling inside , a feeling of simplicity and clearness. Everything is working out so great so far. Is there such thing as destiny? are things meant to happen?… I don’t know the answer but I love to feel the way I feel.

If my baby was a star , now I feel that the star started moving very fast towards its daddy… cant explain how amazing it feels!!!

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  1. Congratulations on getting to the starting line of this crazy journey. Hold on to that feeling of calm for the times when it inevitably doesn’t feel so. Best wishes!

    • Hi Edward! Thank you for your message. Yes I am taking the time to prepare the nest 🙂 and for sure enjoy it while is quiet and calmed.
      Your girls are adorable… is fun watching them grow. How do you guys make it??? You should give us a little sumary of your rutine every day…

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