Anxiety overcomed by the secrets of Delhi…


Woke up really early because I wanted to get as much done as I could.

I wrote down every single place that Chapal recommended so I have a busy day.

I work out with this weird feeling in my gut , I guess is anxiety of reading the legal contract and waiting to have my surrogates and her husband’s signature on it. Hope everything works out ok!!!

Went to Cafe Coffee Day (Chapal I know you hate me for liking it , but french press coffee with spicy chicken sandwich , tastes like a piece of heaven), had breakfast and took a tuk tuk tot he Lodhi Gardens. I know most of the places I will tell you about are not on the usual lonely planet or trip advisor guide , but they are TOTALLY worth it!

As soon as I got there my jaw dropped , is probably one of my favorite sites in Delhi. The gardens are amazing , there was people jogging and there are several monuments all over the place. It is a very quiet , nature oriented place int he middle of Delhi…amayzing!!! I stayed there for like 3 hours , walking around each corner , breathing fresh air, enjoying the sun and exploring the great persian tombs and buildings. The best combination. Being alone with so much peace around me made me think a lot about the uniqueness of that moment. thousands of kilometers away from home , waiting to make the biggest change in my life. I never feel alone on this…. why is that?

After I was done at the Gardens , took another tuk tuk to Hauz Khas Village. The place is very pretty , a small village that has lots of little stores were you can find very nice handcrafts ( try the place where they sell hand painted clothes…is great). if you walk down the street yo will reach the ruins of the village. They are great , and the view from the high balconies is ver interesting because there is a river on the back. There were lots of students just hanging around and for me it was interesting to see how this old buildings perfectly blend in with he new architecture and art galleries around it. A place you can’t miss!

I was getting a bit anxious about receiving the legal documents so i walked to the Kunzum Travel Cafe , a very interesting place where you can find great photographs of India and other places around the world. I just sat there , had a coffee with cookies and started reading the legal documents. If you have a chance , take a look at this places , is very neat: . In this place you pay whatever you want to pay , there are no fixed prices for coffee.

It took me more than 1 hour to read every single word of it , and by the end I was ready to sign 🙂

Anxiety disappeared so I took another tuk tuk in order to go to Select Citywalk that is a very nice mall with good stores. Chapal recommended the restaurant Mamagoto ( I had a great lunch , please try the Gin and Tonics there , they are very good ( they have a lemongrass and sweet bergamot orange peel yumm yumm).

After my belly was full and my heart was happy , I went shopping for some things. I had some free time so I stopped at a hair salon where i received probably the best manicure and pedicure of my life!!!! I had 3 guys working on me at the same time so I basically felt like a star hahahaha. It was very good, apparently I needed some pampering. I felt totally spoiled but guilt free.

Took a tuk tuk back to the hotel because at 5 I had my appointment with he lawyer at the SCI CLinic. A bit nervous…. why is it that Lawyers make me feel a bit uneasy?

Got to the clinic and saw Arpana and Shilpi , as friendly and nice as usual. My lawyer is Inderbir Singh , he struck me as the serious type but i got the best surprise ever after we started talking. I started going over the legal documents again , and as usual asking him as many questions as I could. I don’t know wich part lead us to start talking about parenting, but we went on and on about our personal experiences .

How nice to talk about such intimate things with a person that I just met 10 minutes ago. Inder is a follower of the Sikhism ( so it was very interesting to know about his beliefs and basics of the Sikh religion. I really have to thank Inder because after our chat I felt very good about being a single parent. I wish you the best of luck in every step you take in your journey Inder. You are a great father, is easy to tell because when you talk about your son , you face just lights up.

The day is coming to and end , but for sure everything worked out great. The legal documents are ready and tomorrow I have to come back for my second and last sample.

We are almost there my little one… I feel you are so close. Just wait and see my little angel sooner than later we will be together .

Thank you for reading! Enjoy your day , smile until it hurts.

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    • Dear Saskia , Thank you very much for your comment. I was reading your blogn and I am very exited about this new attempt. I bet soon you will have news about a heart beat.
      Dont loose hope, as hard as it can be , hold on!!!!
      Please keep us posted about the progress.!!!
      Best wishes.

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