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Happy ending part 1


Hi Everybody!

First I must apologize for being such a lazy blogger lately but I do have some really good reasons for my absence.

On the 27t of march I was working when I receive a call from Dr. Shivani , she said: You are a daddy to a baby girl! …

Of course I almost flipped but i was extremlly happy at fist then the stressed started to build up.

Ziara was suppossed to be born today may seventh , so she was around 6-7 weeks early.

She weighed only 1.86 kilograms and she was barely 40 cm long. Dr. Gupta ( pediatrician) said that she was ok , but that with premature babies you have to see day by day how they develop.

As soon as I received the news I started organizing the rip because I wanted to be close to hear as soon as possible. I was able to reach Delhi by April 2th .

I met my baby girl on the third. I must say I was shocked with all the things that happened in the past week, but I accomplished to be with her.

When i saw her I burst into tears like a little boy, she was extremely tiny and fragile. She was breathing by herself but she had a feeding tube trough her mouth all the way down to her stomach. I cant believe how small she was, my whole hand was able to cover all her body!!! It was very strange to look at her so skinny and naked. I must say it is shocking because it was my first time looking and touching a premature baby.

It is amazing how a bond is instantly made , Isaw her for the first time and it was love at first sight… she is the most beautiful and perfect thing that god ever made. I bet every parent thins that when they get to meet their babies.

The clinic is very small but it is one of the few clinics/hospitals in Delhi that specialises in newborns and they have advance equipments for them. Dr. Gupta is my pediatrician so he from the beginning told me to be patient because with premature babies you have to take one day at a time.

Premature babies have a tube all the way down to their stomach from where the nurses send the feed. At the begging is not milk but other stuff to compensate for the energy.

Ziara was on antibiotics since she was born because she had a mild infection in her intestines , this is common for premature babies.

The second day i returned to the clinic ( I only get 10 minutes with her) I was totally devastated . Ziara was intubated and she was very yellow and thin. she had lost almost 100 grams since the day before and she was not doing very good. Doctor said that they were doing all the could to keep her but that we will have to wait.

My world crushed so i went back to the hotel and locked myself in. I started thinking about all the possible scenarios and none of them was promising. I had to do nothing else but to wait and try to pray for my little angels life.

The day after I cam back and she was doing much better , she was not on oxygen and it seemed she was better. She was on photo therapy because her bilirubins were high.

The days started to go by faster and Ziara started taking milk trough her tube , the she started taking milk with a syringe , then started feeding with a spoon and finally she took the bottle.

She started to gain an average of 30 grams every day and the doctor took her off the caffeine and off the antibiotics. By the 13th of April she was doing great and after 20 days she was discharged on the 16th.

On the 13th mom came to Delhi so I was very happy!!!! and of course Ziara too!.

The day she got discharged we took er to the hotel and it was amazing!!!!

I cant describe the feeling of being able to hold her , kiss her and being able to provide everything she needs.

It is amazing how instinct flourish and everything comes in naturally, spontaneously.

When she was released she was 1.95 kg and 2 days under my care we came back to the clinic and she was 2 kg. Doctor was very happy and of course grandma and I.

When Ziara was discharged the doctor was very worried because he didn’t think I was fit to take care of hr by myself . But I prove them wrong , now Ziara is almost 1 6 weeks old and she is 2.6 kg hahaha growing very very fast.

I used to hear people saying that the first month is hard because you get up at night and bla bla bla. This is true but it is the most amazing thing to take care of your baby!!! I decided I don’t need the assistance of a nurse because I have mom with me. She is very nice because she just looks at me how I deal with my little princess and she recommends little tips and things that ave made our life easier. I must thank her because she is the best teacher… I love her dearly, and for the record she raised me as a very good daddy/mommy.

Babies are easy to understand , thy cry when they need something , if they don’t cry is because they are okay. Soon enough one learns when they have a gas discomfort , when they are hungry , when they are warm ,etc,etc. This is what dads/moms do , we learn from the babies and we try to teach them something every day.

The greatest thing is to kiss Ziara to death and talk to her and put her on top of my chest and cuddle. I see it as us being a small family , the best of friends and of course as being two strangers that love each other dearly.

When she sleeps in my chest she goes very quiet and she just  breathes…. i feel the happiest man alive.

I had an Idea of how I was going to feel , but after living it…. I was wrong. It is impossible to even imagine how much one loves a daugther.

There are so many things that I would love to share with you….but there are simply not enough words.

I am here for all the questions that you might have… specially if you are a single parent.

Is no that scary , is not that hard….it is great!

I will continue this post soon!!!

Thanx for reading.

I hope everybody is doing great , specially the people from our small surrogacy family. I had the pleasure to meet Bernadette , Xavi & Jose , and the guys from Sweden ( sorry I cant remember your names).

Hope to hear from you guys soon .

I would like to take a bit of time to Thank Dr. Shivani , Rachna , Margarida and all the SCI Staff. You guys are just the best , you make miracles happen.

Blessing for all of you.

Have a great day , soon the post will be about parenting I guess :).