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Entrevista 10-enero-2012 / Interview 10-january-2012


Hola a todos!

Muchas gracias por todos los comentarios y correos que he recibido , la verdad es grandioso saber que mi angelito y yo contamos con gente tan hermosa como todos ustedes.

El día de ayer se publicó la entrevista realizada ( a mi persona) la periodista Michelle Oquendo Sánchez, en el programa “Desde mi Visión” que se transmite en Radio Visión. Lunes a viernes de 15h00 a 17h00. Quito 91.7 Guayaquil 107.7 

Para los que no pudieron escucharla aqui les dejo el audio :

Nota: Prohibida la reproducción total o parcial de este espacio sin la autorización de su productora. Las opiniones vertidas en este programa son de entera responsabilidad de quien las pronuncia.

Desde ya muchas gracias por escuchar y sobretodo por estar tan pendientes de cada paso.

El apoyo y amor que recibimos constantemente , no solo nos llena de paz y tranquilidad si no que también le da un dulce tono a esta hermosa aventura que es un placer compartir con ustedes.

Gracias , mil veces Gracias.

English Version:

Hi Everyone!

Thank you very much for all the comments and e-mails that I have received,  honestly is great to know that my little angel and I count on such beautiful people as you.

Yesterday was published and interview that Michelle Oquendo Sánchez did on me ( at the studios of Radio Vision in Quito-Ecuador for her program Desde mi Visión.

For those of you that were not able to listen the interview here is the link to the audio file:

Note: Translation to english will be available this weekend.

In advance , thank you very much for listening and for always keeping up with us every step of the way.

the sup`port and love that we constantly receive , it not only fulfills us with peace and joy , but also gives a beautiful tone to this sweet journey.

Thank you , a thousand times Thank you.

Tell it like it is…


Hi everyone!

Sorry I havent been posting but as you know the Holidays are always time for the family and friends.

So , today at 3 pm ( Ecuador time) is airing and interview that was done about me and this blog by Michelle Oquendo Sanchez (

I hope you can all listen to it at :

The interview is in spanish but i will translate it to english over the weekend .

Hope to hear your comments soon.

A little update…. my little baby is 23 weeks old so far!!!! I am so exited , everything is going as planned, what a blessing.

Thanx for keeping up!


A blog to watch and admire…


The other day I was reading other wordpress bloggers , and stumbled upon this one:

Please take the time to read its 4 parts , is worth every second.

I will like to take the chance to Congratulate Matthew Phelps not just for writing such a great blog , but also for having what it takes in order to make great changes.

This is not something that everybody does , as for me I feel very inspired and full of strength and peace to start something new.

Thanx again , I hope that you enjoy the blog , but what I truly hope is that by it more people will come to understand equality and respect as the basis for any social bond.

Comme les Autres… a must see!!


Hi …. a few years back I found this awesome movie: Comme les Autres.

This is the plot:

Manu, a gay pediatrician in his forties, would be perfectly happy if he could adopt a child and bring him or her up with his partner, Philippe, a lawyer. Where the shoe pinches is that Philippe is pleased with his present life and will not have it spoiled by the invading presence of a wailing brat. Unable to find an agreement the two lovers part. Manu, although shaken, is single-minded about finding a surrogate mother, willing to give him the child he craves. Fina, an undocumented Colombian beauty might do the job for him in exchange for a marriage of convenience. However, as Blaise Pascal would put it, “The heart has reasons that Reason cannot know”.
Cast: Lambert Wilson, Pilar López de Ayala, Pascal Elbé, Anne Brochet, Andrée Damant, Florence Darel, Marc Duret, Liliane Cebrian, Luis Jaime Cortez, Catherine Erhardy, Eriq Ebouaney, Agathe Chouchan, Esther Sironneau, Juliette Degenne, Sophie-Charlotte Husson.

Here is the Movie Trailer:

Please if you get a chance watch it , is a nice comedy with s special kick!

Enjoy 🙂

Natural , simple and true.


Dear Ricardo , thank you very much for sharing such a nice video.
Please watch it…is worth it:
Change is on the way , the way families are created is changing and hopefully blogs , videos , pictures and love will help the change to arrive even faster.
Hopefully Ricardo will share his story with us…. We will be waiting 🙂