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Happy Holi and Women´s Day!!


Hi Everyone!

I couldn’t miss the chance to write  a little something in a special day as today.

Since I was able to recall , women had and are the most incredible being that touched earth, not just because they are able to give birth and nurture a human being but also because they are filled with tons of special characteristics that made them unique .

As a kid , on grow up looking at the closest feminine role models and as life continues to develop those role models translate to friends and even daughters, I used t think that “God” was a woman because I through that men were not able to create “things” with such perfection ( but again I also thought that “she” was a fashionista that was able to give birth to thousands of baby like a queen bee hahahaha).

Anyway , this year my concept of women has changed because now I even feel more respect and admiration for them. Every day I get the best example from Mom , my sister , Lily ( love you dearly), Negra ( I am extremely proud of the woman you have become) , Mely ( you are an amazing aunt and friend) and of course my Dear Surrogate Mother.

Today is all about the tribute that I make in my own way to My Surrogate Mother that not has only changed my life but also she has gained all my respect and appreciation by showing me that in a world that is splashed with violence and materialism , there are angels that are able to give incredible amounts of joy and happiness not only by the choices they make but also by the subtle perfection of the feminine uniqueness. Thank you … million times Thank You for existing and making miracles happen.

My dear Chapal told me that today is Holi Day for Hindus…. for those of you that don’t have a clue , here is some info about it:

Holi day is a religious festival celebrated at spring where people smear each other with bright-colored powders (Gulal), and colored water.


There is a very interesting legend behind Holi that basically tells that ” It seems that long ago there was an evil king named King Hiranyakasipu. His son, prince Prahlad however was very holy and often prayed to God and this infuriated his father. One day, the wicked king ordered his sister, the demon Holika, to kill his son. The demon Holika, who was immune to fire, captured prince Prahlad and entered a fire furnace.  She had done this to kill the prince, however it was her who was burnt to ashes. Prince Prahlad was safe and was not burnt at all. The legend goes that before the demon aunt died, she begged for prince Prahlad’s forgiveness and the prince forgave her and announced that her name would be remembered once a year.” (http://www.essortment.com/hindu-holi-festival-31151.html)

There is also a very religious background for Holi and that is that is a day to remember the everlasting love between Krishna and Radha (Lord Krishna is the eighth and the most popular incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He was born in Vrindavan, where he was brought up by the cowherd family . His childhood playmates were gopas (cowherd boys) and gopis (cowherd girls), who were greatly devoted to him. Of all gopis, Radha loved Krishna the most. In the forests of Vrindavan, Krishna often played his flute and gopis danced with him in ecstasy. The Gopis represent the individual souls trapped in physical bodies. Radha symbolizes the individual soul that is awakened to the love of God and is absorbed in such love. The sound of Krishna’s flute represents the call of the divine for the individual souls.)


So , during Holi , men wear white Kurtas and women wear white of light-colored Saris where the colours that people trow at each other will be displayed… it reminds me of a work of art that came to life:


( http://www.fwd2all.com/holi-2011/)





Hope you enjoyed this post , and again Happy Holi Day!!!!

And for all the women and men with a developed woman sense…. Happy Women´s Day!!!!

Thank you for reading!

Cheers xoxo