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The last part…


Hi everyone!

Definitely I have been totally lazy with the blogging lately.

For some reason it seems like from week 16 everything started going by so fast! We are almost in week 31 and now I have to get ready for the last section of this part of the journey.

There are several things that as a single parent I have to consider now like the travelling , legal procedures , what to bring with me , what things to consider once the baby is born …. and lots of other things.

Luckily Mom is travelling with me so for sure I will learn from a Professional ūüôā

As I once said , I consider that all of us that have, are and will go trough surrogacy in India , are a small community  that share a great common factor: we all want to be parents.

This is the main reason why I reach out to you for advice and help regarding this las stage of the pregnancy, all the information I can get for sure is going to be welcomed and useful.

I woke up thinking today, that is incredible how the instinct and feelings of a parent can overshadow the little important things that having a baby involves.

Lately I surprise myself thinking a lot about: What if¬†this…? what if that…?…. but the main answer I always get is: what if you never¬†felt and decided to be a dad? then¬†everything becomes clear¬†by remembering my start point.

 As usual , thank you in advance for all your help.

Cant¬†believe I am so close to hold my angel in my arms… it seems that our first¬†moment will be a never-ending story of love.

Have a great day!